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sCrutineering in victoria

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Interested in becoming a scrutineer

If want to go racing but can't afford it then become a scrutineer

If you like motor racing and can't afford the cost but still want to be in the front line you should consider volunteering to be a scrutineer. As a volunteer scrutineer you get to not only see the cars that you love, but talk to the teams and drivers as well as ensuring that the cars meet the appropriate regulations. No experience is required and training is provided, all you need is a love of motor sport. If you are interested go to the contacts area below for more details on who to contact about becoming a volunteer scrutineer. 

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Role of a scrutineer


As a volunteer scrutineer you will be involved in the checking of a car that has been set up to go racing, rallying or off road. The main emphasis on race day is safety so the checking of drivers apparel and car safety items are a priority with non-critical checks being carried out as the day goes on. In addition you get the opportunity to get close to cars in pit lane and see them as they enter and exit the track while monitoring the support teams in action to ensure that cars are worked on in an appropriate manner and within the rules. When you gain the required qualifications and experience there are opportunities to volunteer to manage a category and get right into the nitty gritty of scrutineering.   

Benefits of being a Scrutineer are :

  • Free entrance to race meetings

  • Free lunch whilst on duty at the circuit

  • Free programs

  • Friendships are made with other officials and competitors

  • Belong to a team of volunteers with similar interests

  • Meet people you would not normally get to meet

  • Checking the cars that you would normally get to watch and admire 

  • A trackside experience that cannot be equalled

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Phillip Island Classic Festival Of Motor

Scrutineering Contact

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